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Posted by Paulo Silva on quinta-feira, maio 17, 2007 in

Guitar Alchemist 1.21 WinAll Cracked-PALACE

Easily find which chords to play over a given scale and vice-versa, visualize scale patterns both on the fingerboard and on the staff.
Great functionalities that make Guitar Alchemist much more than a simple chord dictionary.

Descricao do Programa:

- Explore scales (Major, melodic/harmonic minor, and more) and their modes and find which chords you can play over
- Explore chords (Ability to filter them : major/minor/dominant/special, b5, #5, b9, #9, #11, b13 ) and find which scales you can play over
- Find simple chord harmonizations
- Display the scale patterns directly on the fingerboard and on the staff at the same time (Condensed/extended handshapes)
- Choose the chord voicings difficulty you want
- Find the exact sound you're looking for : filter the chord voicings by inversion or highest note, sort them by fret, inversion, difficulty, number of open/muted strings, number of finger used, brightness or contrast
- Customize the fingerboard (Left handed, texture) and the theme of the application


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